Nowadays often called a ‘road bike’, these are becoming more popular as people take to cycling for fitness – since going fast encourages you to work harder and that’s what racing bikes are about.

What makes a racing bike so different?

The racing bike proper has low dropped handlebars, very narrow tyres (20 to 25mm) and high gears (40 to 110in). It’s good for maximum speed on smooth roads and nothing else! You must pedal hard or else the crouched riding position throws too much weight on your arms and you’ll stall on hills.

There no space between the brakes and the tyres to fit mudguards safely and neither will there be any provision for luggage. Some road bikes are available with a triple chain-set.

The term ‘road bike’ is a very broad one, encompassing several other distinct styles more or less related to the racing bike. Closest relatives are fitness bikes and touring bikes, including the fast ‘Tourer’.

By purchasing a racing bike with us you are ensured of the lightness and efficiency associated with good quality racing bikes, which are nippier on tarmac than any mountain bike or hybrid. ‘Racers’, ‘ten-speeds’ or ‘sports bikes’ were what everyone bought immediately before the mountain bike came in.

Ideal for fitness ‘junkies’ and serious bike racers keeping on tarmac, this kind of bike is not suitable for those interested in recreational cycling, bush-country biking or family outings combining fitness and quality time together.

Racing bikes are more specialized in Kenya for the simple reason that they are specifically wanted by serious athletes at competitive levels or those keeping fit by participating in pre-arranged short or long distance races on surfaced roads. Racing bikes are however still popular in Kenya and we can supply you with exactly the frame and make of racing bike you particularly want. Come and speak to us about your specific requirements and we will get you on track.

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