We have a staff of full-time mechanics lead by management with over 40 years of combined experience in the commercial cycling industry. We want to make sure your bike stays in the same top performing condition in which you bought it from us, and we are confident this will be maintained if you come to us for all your bike maintenance needs.

Like anything, the standard and quality of the spare parts utilized will not only dictate the ‘life span’ of these parts on your bicycle but they will also affect the performance and longevity of your bicycle. Of course riding in specifically rough conditions may well take its toll on your bicycle however you are in safe hands getting your bike regularly serviced and maintained by us. We assure you that only the best spare parts will be used by our skilled ‘bicycle mechanics.’

We have a workshop for more detailed and specialized maintenance needs in addition to our ‘service areas’ to the rear of our shops for regular requirements (including puncture repairs, brake pad replacements and gear adjustments or changes etc).

For all your maintenance requirements we will give you an estimated quote, give or take a little. More technical and complex maintenance will be assessed in advance and we will notify you of the costs involved before commencing the repairs or service.

Every bicycle we sell with pride combined with our reputation as a successfully run family cycling shop for over four decades. We hope that you will return to us for rudimentary services and maintenance requirements and any more complex changes or additional equipment you wish, to enhance your cycling adventures. Please do not hesitate to contact us.Cycle Land is here for you and your bikes. For all your family or competitive bicycling needs.

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