A hybrid bike is one that blends the best characteristics of both road and mountain bikes into a bike that is sturdy, comfortable and fast, and ideal for riding on streets and bike paths. Features of a hybrid that come from mountain bikes are: a more upright frame, offering a more comfortable riding position, a stouter frame that can absorb the day-in, day-out punishment of potholes. They have slightly wider tires for better traction and stability.

What really is a Hybrid?

Features that come from road bikes include lighter rims for faster riding, lighter components and taller gearing for going faster.

The wheels on a hybrid bike are a true combination of what you find on road and mountain bikes. Wider, like a mountain bike for greater stability and durability, but then with a higher recommended air pressure that puts them in the same level as a road bike. The higher air pressure allows them to go faster by reducing rolling resistance. The rims and spokes on hybrids are lighter too like a road bike, since the assumption is that you won’t be doing the rougher off-road riding that mountain biking do.

A hybrid’s design allows riders sit upright in a position that gives them best control of the bike with well-placed center of gravity and in a posture that reduces strain on the rider’s neck and back.

Gears: Hybrids have a wide range of gearing to allow the rider to both climb hills and go fast on flats and downhill. Not usually equipped with gears in as low range as a mountain bike, the hybrid’s gearing set-up is more similar to road bikes.

The Best of Two worlds!

Typically, a hybrid bike will have either two or three chain rings in the front as part of the crank assembly, similar to what you’d find on a road bike. In the back you’ll find eight or nine gears in the cassette on the rear wheel that allows for anywhere from 16 to 27 possible gear combinations, which will account for virtually every need a hybrid rider will need on paved or unpaved surfaces. A hybrid is a good choice for much riding on paved surfaces, but the key is to get a good hybrid bike from us with decent components. It is these moving parts that will determine how well your bike will function and for how long.

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